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introduction to the comm.
Welcome to twilight_videos, the largest and, at the moment, only Twilight vidding community on livejournal. Membership and posting access is open to everyone, all you have to do is JOIN!
Community Rules.
please read before posting.

01. Videos must relate to the Twilight Saga in some way.
Satires, spoofs, and dream-team vids are perfectly acceptable just so long as they relate to Twilight.
02. Vid or Vidder bashing will NOT be tolerated. Such posts will be deleted on the spot. There are ways to be constructive with your criticism - utilize them. There's no reason to be mean.
03. If you want to make a post solely to promote your site/community, please ask first by leaving a comment on the questions post.
04. Tag
your posts using our existing tags!
05. When posting a vid, please put the title and pairing/genre in the subject line (ex: Twilight Vid - Edward/Jasper or Vid Name - comedy vid) and then use the following format for your post:

06. If you are directing viewers offsite, please indicate this in your post.
07. Friends-lock all posts containing resource clips for other vidders to use
08. Banners advertising your vids are ok, but please keep them reasonable in size unless you put them under a cut (no bigger than 500px wide)


Important Links.
important info for you.
Mod Posts -- Latest updates on the rules and comm.
Video Awards (coming soon)


The Mods.
contact the mods.

Any questions, comments, or requests?
The Questions post will give you the fastest response, but feel free to message any of the mods individually:

e_transitions | stalkerofkris | rosebluetinted

We will get back to you ASAP.


props where due.

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